My Friday 18.09.11

I’ve had a crazed out week which included being down with the Flu and a high fever last Friday through Wednesday, a visit to the Emergency Room with broken kiddo arm – now securely placed in a pink cast – and another kiddo hit by the Mommy Flu, gettin’ my Hepatitis and Tetanus shots at the doctor’s AND passin’ out… I blame it on my feeble condition 😀 – next time I WILL bring somebody to take me home safely, I’m serious – taking all sorts of different medications to prepare for a trip that I’m going on very soon, and loads of hours when I came back to work on Thursday and Friday.

Anyways, Friday was a good day…

Friday morning, I received a package. Uuuh, I’ve been a bad girl on Ebay *blush*
I blame it on the fever and too much blog reading.

Friday afternoon was spent teaching at the Teacher’s Training College. And well spent, indeed. I really like my new students there.

Friday evening, the twilight was just beautiful.
I might be desperate to escape the Danish autumn (one fine day I’ll hopefully be gone from October through March), but does that cloud not look like a caribbean pelican in flight ;)?

And then finally a cloudy but full harvest moon rose over the trees.

Half an hour later, I passed out on the couch while the Danish version of Dancing with the Stars played in the background 🙂


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