“My mother used to say I looked like a Christmas tree; I would wear everything at the same time. I still do.”

… says Anna Dello Russo.

I’m sure the scent, she’s launching later this year, is as maximal and wonderful as herself.
It is based on vanilla and almonds, on her childhood memories from growing up in Puglia and memories from her grandmother’s kitchen.

The 10 ml shoe bottle is a purse spray and a Christmas decoration – there’s a loop at the back of the heel.
It is said to cost around $25 and will be sold online at yoox.com.

The stiletto shape is not randomly chosen – Anna Dello Russo owns 4,000 pairs of shoes.
And now you’re probably thinking Imelda Marcos, but nooooo. She was only the proud owner of 2,700 pairs 😉 Amateur!

Fyi, Mrs. Dello Russo has two apartments, one that she lives in, and one where her shoes and clothes is kept.


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